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Welcome to the Osprey Homeowners Association Help Center — your number one source for all the answers you seek about our community. At the Osprey Homeowners Association, our community members mean the world to us, and we go the extra mile to assist you in any way possible. Check out the answers to previously asked questions, and get in touch directly if you can’t find what you need.

How do I pay my annual assessment?

The annual assessment has to be paid through William Douglas Management Company, our HOA's administrative partner. You can pay your assessment fees online by visiting Wiliam Douglas's website.

What are the bylaws of the community, and where can I find them?

The bylaws can be found in the Forms and Documents section of the website. Alternatively, you can download them here.

What day is garbage and recycling picked up, and when do I need to move my garbage bins back from the curb?

Garbage is picked up by Richland County every Monday, while Recycling is picked up every other Monday.

The garbage truck typically arrives in the morning, so be sure to take your garbage bins to the curb on Sunday night.

Please be sure to take your garbage bins back in on Tuesday morning, to keep our neighborhood looking clean.

For more information, please visit Richland County's website.

I want to add a storm door or a screened-in porch to my property. Do I have to talk to the HOA before doing this?

You need to talk to the HOA and receive approval before doing this. The HOA supports homeowners making improvements to their properties, however, every homeowner will need to submit an Architectural Review Application, and receive an Architectural Approval Letter in the mail before beginning any work on their property.

The Architectural Review Process ensures that any improvements to the properties are done within the HOA's approved Architectural Guidelines, which allows for everyone's property value to be maintained.

Please find our Architectural Standards  Drawings below:
Fence Architectural Standards

Covered Porch Standards (Option 1)

Covered Porch Standards (Option 2)

Are Solar Panels allowed in the neighborhood?

Solar Panels are not allowed in the neighborhood. Roof-mounted or ground-mounted solar panels do not meet the Osprey Architectural Standards, and were never allowed in the neighborhood, even when Mungo Homes was developing it.

Who should I contact if I see a burned out street light?

The street lights are maintained by Dominion Energy (formerly SCE&G). You can report a burned out light by calling their customer service hotline, at 1-800-251-7234.

Please write down the pole number, which is found on a metal oval-shaped tag on the light pole, along with the address closest to the light pole, and be sure to list Osprey under the Company/Homeowners Association Name on the form.

This information will allow Dominion Energy to quickly come to our neighborhood and fix the burned out light.

There’s a problem with the street (such as a pothole or cracked asphalt). Who do I report this to?

The streets within our community are maintained by Richland County.

Please report problems to the Richland County Ombudsman’s Office One Call Response Center at 803-929-6000, or email them at

Richland County's Office Hours are

Monday through Friday

8:30am - 5:00pm.

I would like to put in a fence. What type of fence can I put in, and how do I get approval from the HOA?

With the exception of the fence around the sewer lift station, the only type of fence that is currently approved by the HOA, is a 6-foot high over-scalloped (arched) wooden privacy fence. The corner posts and posts beside any gates shall be 6x6 posts, and all other fence posts shall be 4x4 posts. In addition, all posts must have a decorative cap on top of the fence post, that is sized to match the fence post size.  Please refer to this drawing for more information.

In order to build a fence, you would first need to submit an Architectural Review Application to the Board, via MJS. Please include a plat plan with your application (which is a survey map of your property and includes the dimensions of your home and lot), and draw the places where your fence and gates will go on the plat plan. This will help the Architectural Review Board process your application quickly.

Please note that you cannot begin construction of any fences or other structures on your property without first receiving  an Architectural Approval Letter in the mail.

Someone hit my mailbox, and it's now dented. Who do I contact to get my mailbox repaired or replaced?

The developer installed Old South Ironworks Standard Mailboxes at all of the houses in this neighborhood. As of July 2019, pricing to repair an existing mailbox, or replace the box only, is $60. If your mailbox requires repainting, the price is $85. If your mailbox and post requires total replacement, pricing would be $200.

All of these prices above include labor - so Old South Ironworks will come out to the neighborhood, and take care of this for you.

Please call Old South Ironworks at 803-295-2748 for more information.

The numbers on my mailbox have faded, and I need to replace them. Who do I contact to get new numbers for my mailbox?

Old South Ironworks, the only approved supplier of mailboxes in our neighborhood, will provide you with replacement mailbox numbers for $10. They will send you two customized sets of new vinyl number decals (one for each side of your mailbox).

You can remove the old numbers, then use any solvent to remove leftover residue, and apply the new numbers just like any standard decal.

Please call Old South Ironworks at 803-295-2748 for more information.

Are there any plans to lower the HOA's annual assessment fees?

We are looking at ways to do this, but it is not prudent at this time. We have been evaluating ways to lower costs, and investment of some of the dues are required for larger projects like the pavilion or a new playground, but also for unseen emergency instances (a rainy day fund, if you will). In addition, substantial cost increases over the years have required the Osprey Board of Directors to adjust the Annual Assessment accordingly, to ensure the continued financial sustanibility of the neighborhood.

Our neighborhood does not have the larger number of houses others in the area do, so the cost per household cannot be spread out across more homeowners. However, we are hopeful that we can lower the dues in the future; it just is not prudent to do so currently.

What efforts are being made to address speeding within the neighborhood?

We all have a responsibility to drive safely in our neighborhood.

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department has been notified of speeding issues within our neighborhood. We have been told that patrols in our neighborhood will be increased, to issue tickets to people speeding and driving through the traffic circles incorrectly.

If you observe someone speeding, please write down the tag number of the vehicle, and contact the Richland County Sheriff’s Department at 803-252-2911.

My neighbor’s dog is barking too much. What can be done about this?

First, please try to discuss the problem with your neighbor.

If you tried, unsuccessfully, to discuss the problem with your neighbor or you don’t feel comfortable doing so, you have two choices:

You can file a complaint with Richland County. Contact the Richland County Ombudsman’s Office Response Center at 803-929-6000.

Your other option is to submit a violation to MJS that the Board of Directors can review..

Is the Board of Directors looking at improving the Playground and Common Area on Cordage Drive?

The Board of Directors is looking into a number of improvements to the Playground and Common Area in the front of the neighborhood. All of these options will be brought to the Homeowners' Association Members for approval, which include but are not limited to:

  • Refurbishment of the Pirate Ship and Playground.

  • Refurbishment of the Sign at the entrance, and adding a Message Board.

  • Adding a Basketball Half-Court.

We have built a Covered Pavilion with an integrated Audio and Video System for picnics and  community events next to the Playground, and it is availble for Osprey Residents to utilize. If you are a resident of Osprey and would like to Reserve the Pavilion for your next event, use this link to book your spot: Reserve the Pavilion

If you have any additional ideas, please contact the Board of Directors.

Has the Board of Directors looked at improving the aesthetics of the Detention Pond and the Sewer Lift Station at the end of Lanyard Lane?

The Board of Directors has contracted with Opterra Solutions (formerly known as NaturChem) to perform detention pond maintenance.

In October 2019, Opterra Solutions removed all of the overgrown vegetation  in the detention pond, and plans were set for them to service the pond at least once per year. In April 2020, Opterra Solutions completed significant improvements to the detention pond that were required for continued safe operation of the pond, including stabilizing an embankment wall which was starting to erode, re-dredging a portion of the pond, and increasing drainage capability and flow into the pond's riser pipe and outfall pipe. 

Since 2021, we have continued to work with Opterra Solutions on Detention Pond Maintenance and switched from maintaining the Detention Pond once per year, to mainting the pond twice per year. This newer maintenance schedule lowered the annual cost of Detention Pond maintenance by over $1000 annually, as the vegetation in the Detention Pond is cut more regularly, so it does not become overgrown and subsequently more difficult to manage.

In addition, the Board has added three Natchez Crepe Myrtle Trees, a row of hedges, and pine-straw to the area in front of the detention pond, to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

For the Sewer Lift Station, the Board has had our landscaper add pine-straw in front of the fence, and we have placed brown slats inside the chain link fence - which now serve to hid the lift station and diesel generator, while still allowing for access of the area by Richland County Utilities.

Do you have any other questions? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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