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How to be a good neighbor - the rules of our community

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

The Board of Directors (BOD) has come up with a quick list of HOA guidelines to help ensure our neighborhood functions at its best. These have all been pulled directly from the governing regulations (without the excess jargon).

Here is a quick summary of rules and regulations for Osprey residents and their guests:

· Any changes to the exterior of your home, ranging from paint color to landscaping to the addition of porches, require the homeowner to submit an application to the BOD for approval. If unsure, please contact the BOD.

· Refuse day for our neighborhood is Friday. Please do your best to bring trash/recycling/yard waste containers from the curb that same weekend. Containers are to be stored inside a garage, in the backyard, or along the side of the house (screened or walled from public view).

· All residents have a right to quiet enjoyment. Activities considered a nuisance or disturbance are disallowed, specifically between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. This includes, but is not limited to, dogs barking excessively, loud TV/music, raucous voices, etc. The discharge of firearms and fireworks are expressly prohibited on Osprey property.

· Passenger vehicles should be parked in a garage and/or driveway and not on the street or grass. If all driveway spaces are taken, please park in the designated overflow areas at the ends of several Osprey streets. As a final measure, vehicles may be parked in the street temporarily (six hours or less). Ensure your and your guests’ cars do not block other residents’ driveways or fire hydrants. If you have an overnight guest staying with you, their car may be parked on the street, provided it is not a nuisance to other residents, for not more than twelve hours in any forty-eight-hour period. Boats, boat trailers, and other recreational vehicles are prohibited from being parked on streets, overflow parking, and driveways. These regulations may seem cumbersome, but just please use common sense with where and for how long your vehicles are parked.

· Pets are to be restrained by a leash and their owner(s) are responsible for their actions. Do not put your dogs in a situation that creates excessive barking. Pick up your pet’s waste immediately and dispose of in your personal trash receptacle.

· Our neighborhood is home to many children. Do NOT speed or misuse the traffic circles. Please keep your eyes on the road as many families are out on sidewalks and streets.

· Residents are entitled to report violations directly and anonymously to MJS, Inc. (our property management company). Violations are approved by the BOD (again, we do NOT know who files a report) prior to being mailed out by MJS. The BOD’s email address is: Please write to us if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.

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