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Filling Out a Form

Submit A Violation

Are your neighbors violating the rules of the community? Have you tried to talk to them with no avail? This is the form for you!

All members of our community are entitled to submit Violation Forms to help keep our neighborhood a great place to live.


The Board of Directors encourages you to talk to your neighbors before submitting a Violation Form, but realize that sometimes submitting a Violation Form is inevitable. All Violation Forms are submitted anonymously. The Board of Directors does not know the name of the person who submitted the violation, as MJS removes their name before sending the Violation Form to the Board. 


All Violation Forms (with the complainant's name redacted by MJS) are reviewed by the Board of Directors prior to being sent to the homeowner in Violation.

Violation Form

Please fill out this Violation Form in it's entirety and attach any supporting evidence, such as Pictures and Video, using the forms below.

All Violations submitted here will be kept private and confidential, and will be submitted directly to the Osprey HOA's Management Company, MJS, Inc. for processing.

For more information on the Violations Process, please email MJS, Inc. at

Report of Violations of the Declaration and Regulations

Upload Pictures and/or Videos

Your Violation Form has been submitted to the Osprey HOA's Management Company, MJS, Inc.

If you have any Questions regarding the Violations Process, please email for more information.

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